Make Folders Invisible


Make Invisible  v.2.1

Drop your Mac OS X application (PEF format only) on the application or main window and a new resource file is created with a modified plst resource.

Funk Monkey  v.1.1

Funk Monkey is a handy little utility that allows you to make files or folders invisible on the Macintosh.


Secret Service  v.1.0

Secret Service a nifty app that lets you make files and folders invisible by simply dropping them on a small picture on the desktop.

GoodbyeHello  v.1.0.1

GoodbyeHello is an application utility for making files and folders invisible or visible.

Folder Guard Standard Edition  v.7.91

Folder Guard Standard for Windows XP-Home/Me/9x - Powerful security and access control utility that lets you hide or password-protect files and folders, as well as restrict access to other resources. Makes folders invisible to any application,

Color deconvolution plug-in, try-out try-out  v.1.0

The Color Deconvolution plug-in was originally developed for forensic science, to make the invisible visible with an advanced algorithm for color separation.

MuchoFileInfo  v.1.4

MuchoFileInfo is a simple utility, with which you can simply modify your files' creator and type, rename them or make them invisible.

LiveSearch  v.1.2.3

LiveSearch is a localfile launch and search program with the following features:Locate any type of file in an instant by typing just a few letters Recognizes many common file types such as applications, folders, invisible files, movies, MP3s, picture

Xray Vision  v.1.6

Xray Vision provides an easy way to make files invisible on your computer.

Secret Disk  v.2.12

You can easily create additional disk on your PC, protect it with password and make all contents on it invisible. On this disk you can store any private folders and files. When unprotected, it's appear in Windows as regular hard disk.

InvisibleFile  v.1.0.00

Invisible File is very useful to keep your information away from prying eyes or kids who may accidentally modify or delete your files.

Secret Folder X  v.0.8

Secret Folder is a program that provides an easy and fast way to protect personal documents and avoid them being seen, modified, or erased by other users.

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